CVE Toronto 2018

VanGo Takes Ship to CVE Toronto 2018

June 5th, 2018. Toronto, CA.

     Canada’s Vape Expo, brought to you by DashVapes and VapeMeet, will be hosted in Toronto June 22nd-24th. This year, CVE will be held at the International Centre with over 80,000 square feet of exhibitors, new products, and a ton of giveaways for everyone to enjoy. The event will have one B2B (Business to Business) day along with consumer days for the rest of the weekend. This will be a great opportunity to network, splurge your money on new products and participate in all the action going on!

CVE, established back in 2015, looks to set records with hosting its biggest event thus far! The founders of the event maintain a healthy image of exposing the vape industry to new users along with helping others make the switch from tobacco. This event looks to continue that journey by allowing something very special, CVE and Premium Labs are teaming up and are saying goodbye to smoking forever by allowing consumers to trade in their pack of cigarettes for a FREE starter kit (Joyetech Ego AiO ECO) and a bottle of juice!

We look forward to setting up our booth and releasing some teasers to some brand new flavors. If you don’t know much about our flavors we tend to go all out and bring some innovative taste for you to experience. It seriously is a flavor journey and these new flavors will rock your socks, guaranteed! Along with many companies at the event, we plan on having our own massive giveaway so if you plan on getting lucky, stop by our booth, we have something special to show off. You have to first get your ticket to the event, stop by our booth and find out what we have in store and then you can move on to something else. Also, make sure to follow our social medias at @VangoVapes to be updated on when the giveaways happen and where we will be inside of the expo.

Serious when we say this if you haven’t ever been to a vape expo before, CVE is the one to check out. This is the biggest vape convention in Canada and is rivaling to be the biggest in the world! Everyone will be bringing their A game and be on their best behavior as we expect many free products, competitions, and other unique displays going on. Check out last year’s recap video and soak in how special this event will be this year. And if you haven’t purchased your tickets yet but want to make sure to pick yours up today. See you there!