CVE Edmonton 2019 Recap

CVE Edmonton is a wrap, and man was it ever fun! The show this year ran from April 26th to the 28th and welcomed thousands of people from across the country.  

This was VanGo’s third year attending the show, and it was great to meet a lot of fans of our juices. We were also stoked to hear that many people enjoyed watching VanGo After Dark (our weekly show where we talk about everything from flaving to politics)!  

Our booth was a hit, and we got lucky because the organizers had to shut down the front door and open the side door instead... and guess who was parked right in front of the side door! Yup, that's right – we ended up having the best seat in the house.  

This year, we showcased some of our new flavors, as well as some old favorites. We had samples of Strawlen, Frozen Ophelia, Jango Chill, VCT, Frozen Waterberry, and The Root on offer. We also got people to try two versions of our upcoming flavor Citrus Jive and tell us which one they liked best!  

Citrus Jive was a big hit, and the feedback we got helped us make a decision. Frozen Ophelia and The Root were also really well received!

But the flavor people went crazy for was Undika (which we’ll be releasing this fall)!

The VanGo team had a blast as always. Most of the crew made it out including all three Daya brothers, Saadiq, Khizer, and Saabir, and Chris, Nick and Ray.  

A big shoutout to @klawdmouth, @raycloudz, @ohm_mah_ma, @chuck_e_vape, @chufflord, and everyone else who stopped by and helped out!