When it comes to unique and cool flavors, VanGo Vapes definitely does it right! With flavors such as, Frozen Persicor, Ice Shot & Frozen Sophene, there's something to be said about all the cold flavors. From ideation to creation and lastly, flaving, the VanGo team makes sure every flavor is unique and made to perfection. Over the years of creating new flavors, we’ve come up with some of the best cool flaves you need to try!

To kick things off, the number 1 cool flavour on our list is none other than Frozen Ophelia. Frozen Ophelia is the perfect cool, refreshing combination of Cactus, Mango, Strawberry, Kiwi and VanGo's special menthol blend. Released in 2016, Frozen Ophelia was the logical next step after Ophelia. We knew the juicy mango and tangy kiwi of Ophelia would pop with just a little bit of chill. That said, we also knew that to create the perfect cooled version of Ophelia, we’d have to do more than just add mint. So, we revisited the entire flavor to make the menthol a perfect edition! The unique cool cactus flavor profile makes this juice a great all day vape. It took way longer than expected to get the final variation, but it was definitely worth it.  Perfect all day vape, just check the reviews!

Next up for cool flaves you need to try is Black Pom Pom from VanGo's Shiver Series. Overlooked by many, Black Pom Pom has to be one of the most unique and flavourful experiences VanGo has to offer. This cool flave offers a delicate sweetness and bite of a ripe pomegranate, perfectly complemented by a bright touch of blackcurrant and a gentle base of blackberry. We also added a subtle chill that doesn't overwhelm your palate, but keeps you refreshed and enjoying every distinct flavor that this e-juice offers. Black Pom Pom is the perfect combination of berries, pomegranate and menthol to keep you flaving throughout the day!

Looking for a cool, delicious trio of Watermelon, Strawberry & Kiwi? Well Frozen Waterberry is the right flavor for you! Taste the luscious strawberries and kiwi upon inhale and the sweet yet cool watermelon upon exhale. As one of VanGo's top flavors, Frozen Waterberry is the perfect flavor for all day flaving, keeping that cool and luscious strawberry-kiwi-watermelon trio going all day long. Frozen Waterberry is a beautifully crafted E-juice that preserves the fruity authenticity of the flavor that is now enjoyable in your vaping device.

Now that you’ve heard about some of VanGo's cool flaves, the next step is to start flaving! Whether it's with a Salt Nic Device or disposable flaving stix, you'll enjoy the flaving experience VanGo has to offer every step of the way!