Citrus Bonanza - The Ultimate Citrus Flaves!

When life gives you lemons, make some mouth-watering e-liquid!!!
Have you tried VanGo Vapes citrus flavors before? Let me tell you, they are a bottle full of bliss!

Citrus Jive from the Shivers line up is a perfectly sweet and tart combination of lemons and lime bursting with juicy tangerines and freshly squeezed oranges, slightly cooled to the perfect level!

Are you drooling yet? Wait - there's more! Sweet Citrus is a blast of Orange and Tangerine with hints of Lemon and Lime. Released in mid 2019, it quickly raced up our leaderboard to become one of our most popular flavors!

 Citrus JiveSweet Citrus

When asked about why the VanGo Vapes CEO chose to focus on citrus, Saadiq Daya said, “my palette has always enjoyed citrus, so I knew I wanted to create a flavor that could ignite that same explosion of flavors. I couldn’t pick between the two because they both were exactly what I was looking for in their own ways, so we dropped them at the same time!”

The biggest differences in these two is that the Citrus Jive has a light version of the VanGo proprietary cooling blend. Both took roughly 1 year to create and perfect and then were showcased side by side at CVE Edmonton 2019. If you have yet to try them, we encourage you to join the party! 😊

Try Citrus Jive Here!

Click Here for Sweet Citrus.