July 04, 2019

Independence Day. Flag Day. America’s Day.  No matter what  you call it, I’m sure you have the same mental image of fireworks, red white and blue popsicles, lawn games, and more. At VanGo, we may be a Canadian company, but we wanted to give some love and recognition to our neighbors on their special day.    

Happy Independence Day!   

Our Southern Neighbors are fun and inspiring! You guys have so much to be proud of, just like how we are proud of our  flaves . We even thought of a mix that is perfect for Independence Day Cheeky Cherry and Blue  Grazberry  from our Quenchers Collection . It sports the Blue, Red and White vibes in both their bottles and taste. You get an amazing mix of cherry, blueberry, raspberry, and white grape that will be like fruity fireworks for your mouth!   

Regarding the vaping news over in America, we heard about the San Francisco Mayor signing an e-cigarette ban. This is one of the  frustrating  laws  that are  often being passed. An oppressive bureaucracy is tough to navigate with all the different levels of governments. To our flavorists in San Francisco, our thoughts are with you. We want you to keep fighting for your right to  Flave  and enjoy a smoke free future. America has always been considered as   “the land of opportunities” after all  

As Americans, your adventurous and strong-minded spirits lead you to exploration. As you try all sorts of new flavors, we want you to look forward to the future and what it will bring to your flavorist palette. We want you to fight for your Flavorist Freedom!  

We also wanted to give a special shout out to our American Flavorists .  

Jake Coons, you are an eccentric character in the industry, and we love how you continue to express your personality through vape photo s and  videos. Jake’s  fave   flave  is  Jango Chill!

Ryan Mccall,  you are an awesome person to talk with and a fantastic vaping advocate who doesn’t support the FDA flavor bans. Thank you. Ryan’s  fave   flave  is  Blue  Grazberry!

Joe Alves,  you are an incredible down to earth person with a strong role  in  vaping advocacy, as well as a longtime friend of VanGo. Joe’s  fave   flave  is  Banana Cannon!