JuIy 1st… Imagine yourself sitting on a lawn chair surrounded by your family and friends. Someone you don’t know too well but appreciate is manning the barbeque. You can smell the grilled chicken skewers, bell peppers, sausage, burger patties, and wings. The scent is mouthwatering, so you lift your can of cold soda to your lips and take a swig. The condensation drips down your palm and towards your elbow, but it’s a welcome relief from the hot sun. Your stomach grumbles regardless of the abundant amounts of appetizers you’ve been munching on all afternoon.  

A friend is blasting Canadian pop music and every so often will toss in a Justin Bieber song to make the backyard crowd groan. Another friend has managed to tie a Canadian flag across his chest like a toga and is sporting it with way too much confidence. The flag friend trots over to the drink cooler and tosses a soda can over to the DJ friend (who manages to catch it after dropping his phone on the grass). Those who have spectated the ordeal laugh, with the accompanying sound of your DJ friend opening his can.  

You balance your own drink on the arm of the lawn chair and reach for the vape in your pocket. You don’t even need to look down at the thing to find the button to turn it on. You press and hold, then wait for the screen to light up and bring it to your mouth. You pull the vapor into your lungs, enjoying the flavor of Belgian Breakfast and its maple syrupy goodness. You picked the flavor specifically for this occasion because you wanted to rep Canada in a way that others couldn’t. You blow out the vapor and almost immediately a friend near you catches the scent of maple and looks around confused.  

“Derek, are you using a maple barbeque sauce for the wings or something? It smells amazing,” she shouts over the music 

Derek turns around from the barbeque and looks at her with furrowed brows. “No just the regular stuff.” 

“Then what smells like syrup?” she asks. You laugh, catching their attention and holding up your vape in salute.  

“Just me,” you say. A wave of understanding and slight disappointment washes over their faces.  

“Sucks. Would have probably tasted as good as it smells,” she says.  

Derek’s eyes light up and he runs inside the house. Shortly after, he returns with a bottle of real Canadian maple syrup and starts brushing it on some of the wings.  

At the table, your friends let you name the new flavor, so you dub it Belgian Breakfast Barbeque 


We hope that you are out celebrating Canada’s birthday! There is so much to do, from boating to barbeques, to beaches, and more. Hopefully, you share the hype we have for Canada Day, because we are a proud Canadian company with lots of hype to give.  

Looking for the perfect Canadian flave? Belgian Breakfast has a tasteful amount of syrupy goodness that you can vape all day. It’s also this week's Flavor of the Week, meaning you can get 15% off the flavor by entering the code FOTW at checkout.  

Want Belgian Breakfast Barbeque to be a thing? Sound off below and let us know if you think it would be a hit or miss.