Camping and Vaping

Now that Summer is officially here, we can only imagine how many of you have plans to go camping. From trailers, to tents, to nothing but a sleeping bag and the night sky – we all have our own ways that we prefer to camp.

The one thing you may all have in common, though, is that you vape! Even if you’re new or a veteran to vaping, we wanted to give you some good advice to make your camping x vaping experience a little better.

Bring extra batteries

If you bring another set of batteries for your vape, you won’t have to wait around in the campsite bathroom while it charges. Bring a fully charged backup so that if your first set runs out, you can worry about plugging it in later and keep on keeping on with your amazing day.

Bring extra e-juice

What happens if you run out of juice? What will you do then? Always bring more e-juice than you think you’ll need, just in case. Its hard to predict how much you will go through on a trip, especially with people wanting to try the flavor they keep smelling, or the endless outdoors letting you relax with your vape permanently in hand, etc.

Don’t forget your charger

Don’t. Forget. Your. Charger. It’s just as devastating as forgetting your phone charger. Even if you do have backup batteries, longer trips will need a recharge or two – so make sure you remember!

Pack your vape/batteries in a waterproof bag or Ziploc

This is especially important if you plan on being near water. Your new phone might be waterproof, but chances are that your vape is not. Same goes for the batteries. It’s best to keep everything dry and safe.

Read the rules for your campground and park restrictions

Make sure you know the rules and restrictions for your campsite. Some places might ban all forms of smoking, while others will have designated spots, or let you only smoke within your rented site. If you aren’t sure if you’re allowed to vape, ask the park ranger or site manager when you check in.

Don’t cause forest fires

Humans are the number one cause of forest fires, and as the summers get drier and drier, the risk of forest fires increases. Learn more on our After Dark episode [link to the episode] about the topic.

Happy camping! If you want some good ol’ fireside flaves, check out Banana Cannon, Luscious Apple, and Cinnastix from our Bakery collection HERE.