Best E-Juice Liquids by Time of Year

The Best E-Liquids to Vape by Time of Year

Whether you’re kicking back on the beach in the summertime, enjoying a pumpkin latte and a stroll through the park in the fall, cozying up by a fire with some hot cocoa come winter or welcoming those first spring showers and their accompanying flowers in the spring, there is an e-liquid to match the season! How do we know? Because at VanGo, we are prolific, and with each new flavor we make, we have an experience in mind to go with it.

We thought it would be fun to share our thinking with you in terms of what flavors might go with what occasions... So, without further ado, here are our favourite e-liquids to vape by time of year.


Frozen Blueberry   

An instant classic, and perfect for those long hot summer days, Frozen Blueberry is exactly as refreshing as it sounds. Smooth, sweet with a tinge of tartness and a frozen hit at the end, as far as menthols go, there’s just no better liquid.


Basically berries on ‘roids, Strawlen delivers a delicious punch of blended fruit flavor and refreshes with juicy watermelon overtones. Ideal for blowing poolside clouds, and just sweet enough to satisfy those mid-day sugar cravings, Strawlen has earned its place as one of our new summer favs.  


Frozen Ophelia  

Ophelia is unreal, or so some say. We say, she’s real alright and best enjoyed on crisp fall evenings with a hot toddy in hand. Cactus, mango and strawberry combine with just the right amount of our signature menthol blend, for the perfect chill to accompany your Halloween thrills.



When we think Fall, we think Fright Night and fresh churros from street vendors. With Cinnastix, you can indulge in this classic roadside treat any night of the week. A juice that tastes exactly like the soft, buttery center of a churro baked with hints of comforting cinnamon? Yes. Please.  



VCT (Vanilla Custard Tobacco) 

Smooth, creamy and the perfect counterpoint to a hit of tobacco, this vanilla custard dream will have you dreaming of, well, vanilla custard! Not too sweet, VCT is ideal for taking off the edge during all those tedious holiday parties and guaranteed to satisfy your deepest vape cravings.  


Coffee Delight 

If you like Tiramisu, Coffee Delight is for you. This dessert-inspired juice is best paired with your coffee on a quiet white winter’s morning. A rich creamy espresso on the inhale is followed by a light cocoa & ladyfinger cookie flavor on the exhale and will leave you with a smile on your face all day long.  


Strawberry Mess 

The smell of spring showers and green things waking up after an extended holiday nap can’t be beat. But it can be enhanced, and Strawberry Mess is the perfect partner in crime. Inhale notes of vine-ripened strawberries and sweet fluffy meringue and on the exhale catch a taste of crème fraiche. Yum.

Cactus Jango 

If you’ve never had cactus fruit before, forget about it, just try Cactus Jango instead! When the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, and you’re catching some pre-summer rays on your 15, treat yourself to this unmissable tropical medley with hints of lychee, strawberry & cactus fruit. You won’t be disappointed.  

Disclaimer: Though we may have had these times of year in mind when we created these rad flavors, there is really only one time that our e-liquids can be best enjoyed... And that’s anytime!  

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