A History of the Types of Vaping Devices Part 2

Generation 1 - Ultrasonic Vaporizers

The man who has been credited with the modern day vape is a Chinese man named Hon Lik, whose father died from lung cancer caused by cigarettes. This was in 2003 and this pharmacist had something that would change the lives of millions - and he knew it.

By 2007, e-cigarettes had been introduced to Europe and the United States, and the first commercial vapes were in use. The design was based around a battery powering an ultrasound vaporizer, rather than a heating element that most vapes nowadays are made of.

The device used very high frequency sound waves which would vibrate the liquid inside a tank to a certain level which would essentially convert the liquid to a gas. One stark difference about this method of vaporizing, is that the vapor that comes out is almost as cool as the liquid itself; there is no heating.

This first generation vape was not well received by the public, but it was a start in the right direction. Hon Lik had triggered a wave of ingenuity, and the company he worked for called Ruyan (the name was later changed to Dragonite International) was eventually sold to Imperial Tobacco in 2013. This was just the beginning, and over the years vaping devices changed and developed to become what we see today...