E-Cigarette Safety

E-cigs or electronic cigarettes are battery-powered vaporizers that simulate the feeling of smoking without tobacco.

But, their high-powered batteries can explode if they come into contact with metal or the batteries touch each other for an extended period of time.

Vaping experts say the vapors' high-powered batteries coming into contact with each other or metal are the cause of these e-cigarette explosions.

The man on your right likely had his e-cigarette batteries loose in his pocket that came into contact with something metal, like keys or change.

"It's breathtaking whenever you see anything of that magnitude. You're like, what is going on," Vidcycle manager Jacob Burns said.

Burns said vapor users need to be cautious of their high-powered batteries.

"The battery starts to get extremely hot, and when that does, it's a warning sign it's about to vent and blow up," Burns said.

Vaping experts say people need to be mindful of their devices and keep their batteries separate.

Putting everything your pocket without a cheap cover is like setting off a pipe bomb.

Geoff Morehead, 23, formerly of Waterloo, was burned when his vapor blew up in his pocket on January 31.

Geoff's employer didn't allow vaping devices at work, so one day, he left his vapor in his car and put his batteries in his pocket.

Moments later, he was rushed to the hospital to be treated for burns.

Jake Burns said he stresses e-cigarette safety to every buyer.

"Just make sure you keep them in that unit. Because if they don't, exactly what happened in that video can happen to anybody," Burns said.

According to Jake, you also need to make sure your batteries aren't cloned.

He says an easy way to check is to review the labels and make sure the plastic wrapping is secure.

Jake said you can buy battery cases for less than $2.

Written by MacLeod Hageman