Great introduction To New Vapers

This is an open letter to any and all new vapers. If your new to Vaping, if your thinking about quitting cigarettes and switching to Vaping this is for you.
First of all you have made a great choice, contrary to what the media will have you believe, Vaping is a safe alternative to smoking. If you want to quit cigarettes Vaping is the single most effective way to do so. I have been Vaping for just shy of two years and my health has improved incredibly. My lung capacity, my sense of taste and smell have both improved. But this letter isn't about the many, many health benefits of Vaping. It's about safety.
There are many kinds of mods (or battery packs) available, each is designed with a specific purpose. Some are designed for long battery life, some for high power. Some for temperature control. Some are for everyday use and some are show pieces, some are for the enthusiast. But most importantly, some are designed for new vapers. These devices are built with safety features such as low battery protection, reverse battery protection, low resistance protection and atomizer short protection, just to name a few. These devices are designed to keep you safe!
Any of the stories that you hear or read in the media of exploding e cigarettes involves a mechanical mod, usually a tube with a simple switch that completes a circuit. It doesn't have ANY safety features at all. A mechanical mod is a device for enthusiast, someone that understands ohm's law, resistance, voltage and wattage draw on a battery, proper battery's to use etc. These devices can be safe in the right hands but only if those hands poses a lot of knowledge. These devices are not, I repeat, NOT for a new Vaper.
So in closing, if you are a new Vaper, or thinking of starting, please look for a device with safety features. Ask your local vendor to recommend a device but as well ask what safety features the device possesses. Usually this device will have a display screen, often it will have a battery, but every time it will posses features to keep your safe!


- Peter Hunter