Lemonberry - The review

For those of you loving citrus-based e-liquids, Lemonberry is a shining star.

We've taken freshly picked strawberries which are perfectly ripe and we've added a hint of a tart blackberry and blueberry to create the perfect balance of sweet and tart tastes.  On the backend, sits a slightly sweet raspberry but not enough to make this e-liquid taste sweet at all.  The raspberry gives a nice balance to the variety of berries in this flavour.

The shining star is the lemon which covers all of the flavours and gives an outstanding citrus note to the blend without being overpowering in taste.

Lemonberry is a must try for all citrus lovers looking for an e-liquid that is unique, full of berry flavour while at the same time satisfying the need to have a citrus back note.

A must try from Vango Vapes.