5 Facts About Vaping That You Might Have Wrong

5 Facts About Vaping That You Might Have Wrong

By Steven Bustrin, H2 Digital.

I joined the vape community about 4 years ago as a professional photographer and since then I’ve learned that most people don’t understand what vaping is really all about. I was introduced to the industry when a fellow photographer wanted me to get a vape pen for some photo effects. After getting my first Kangertech Mini kit I realized that this was one of the coolest devices and it looked so cool having all the big white clouds looking like smoke in my photos with the models I was working with. But at the time even I didn’t really understand what I was working with and I felt like this article would be important to cover as a majority of the human race might have created some stereotypes that are not valid.

1.Myth: E-liquid ingredients are a mystery.

It’s actually not true at all. Most people think that ingredients to vape juice is not available. Just google e-juice recipes and there are thousands upon thousands of recipes. The main thing to take away from this is when you buy juice at a store you are aware of the components of the juice. Otherwise you may be purchasing something dangerous and even fatal. The main components of vape juice is PG (Propylene Glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerin), and nicotine concentrate along with some natural flavoring. If you see any components out of that within the ingredients make sure to ask an expert or the person who created the juice what it does to the juice before trying it.

2.Myth: Tobacco is the same thing as e-juice.

Other than naturally extracted tobacco (NET) this is furthest from the truth. Similar to myth number 1 most e-juice has little to no nicotine at all, let alone tobacco. Now from the outside looking in there are many tobacco flavored juice that could come off as if there are tobacco components but this is incorrect. If you are a tobacco fan and enjoy the flavor make sure to check out VanGo’s tobacco line, they will take care of your fix.

3.Myth: Vape is more harmful than smoking cigarettes.

Now this is the ultimate debate, but the statement is furthest from the truth in my opinion. Tobacco has carcinogens and produces black tar in your lungs whereas vaping doesn’t do this at all. Even though vape hasn’t been tested for hundreds of years to be confirmed, there are many cases where vaping as reversed the chances of cancer and produces no tar in the lung. Now there has been many cases of popcorn lung and other incidents where kids have vaped ingredients outside of the normal components but these studies were resulted from abuse and excessive vaping. Rule of thumb for anything in life moderation is key.

4.Myth: Vapers are converted into smokers over time.

When I talk to my friends that don’t smoke or vape I hear this all the time. They say people don’t quit smoking and people who don’t smoke start vaping. Even though the vaping industry consists of 60% millennials (25-35 yr. olds) there’s a fact people get misinterpreted. Over 72% of vapers were smokers prior to the industry starting and over 98% of vapers are still vaping after one month. What this means is that people quit smoking to turn to vaping, and those who are vaping eventually turn away from smoking altogether due to the fact that their attention is away from smoking cigarettes. I mean come on, where do you think the vaping industry came from?

5.Myth: Vaping is tailored towards younger generation by selling “kid-friendly” e-juice.

This is a huge epidemic in the FDA because of all the packaging and novelty brands out there people who don’t vape think that the industry is targeting teens. Even though there’s a bunch of headlining news about the JUUL pods going around in high schools this information gets portrayed incorrectly and actually inappropriately. Let me walk you through a scenario, you walk into a vape store and see a cinnamon toast crunch cereal flavored juice and you go to purchase that juice and the employee at the front desk asks for your I.D. You are only 20-years old and the store clerk revokes you to purchase and asks you to leave the store… Guys, you have to be at least 21-years old to purchase juice so how on earth is the vape industry targeting teens? What has been happening is gas stations and convenient stores aren’t checking identification are because of past-prejudice with the alcohol industry we have misconstrued what the vape industry is all about. Kid-friendly juice is non-existent, even though I do agree that we should hold a higher standard with quality of juice and packaging, there shouldn’t be an issue to have fruity flavors and appealing flavors that actually help the smokers quit vaping. Who wouldn’t want help quitting smoking by having their favorite dessert or breakfast flavor to vape on? The problem is that we have a small percentage of uninformed vapers that are abusing the system and process of vaping and outsiders are taking that information as a sample for the entire industry.

Now whether you agree or disagree with me the point of this article is for you to get better informed on what is going on in the industry. I actually want you to do research on flavors, devices, and FDA regulations before you jump into the vaping industry. Just remember that nicotine is an addictive substance and it should never be abused. If you are a current smoker or need help with your addiction just ask one of your friends that vapes how they can help you get set up with a device and some good quality juice. If you don’t have any friends that vape but you are stumbling on this article doing your own research, check out VanGo Vape’s flavors and what they have to offer. Feel free to contact them for more information and please shoot their social media a follow @VangoVapes.