5 Accessories Every Vaper Needs

When you dropped your smokes for a vape, you went from being someone who always has a lighter, to someone who always has a paper towel.
So, as a vaper, what are some things you always have on hand? Some things that will save you lots of stress and trouble, and the basic essentials you should not be caught without...
  1. Extra juice
  • There are two types of vapers - those who only vape a specific juice all the time and those who jump around continuously. If you are someone who only vapes one juice, you have to make sure you always have extras! One tip in this regard is that when you are running down to the last little bit, you should stash it away. Put it in the glove compartment of your car or in your sock drawer, you'll thank us later!
  • Extra Batteries / Battery Pack
  • If you use 18650 batteries, you should always have a spare charged set with you. If your vape has a built in battery, make sure to have an external battery pack with you, or at least a wire you can plug in to an outlet. Sometimes in those mornings when you have to drag yourself out of bed, or those nights where you barely make it to the bed, you forget to switch the batteries or charge your vape and you will regret it if you don't have a backup!
  • Extra Coils / Cotton
  • Whether you vape on a rebuild-able device or you use pre-built coils, you never know when you may accidentally burn it. A mistake as simple as forgetting to lock it when you put it in your pocket, you should always keep an extra coil with you. For those flavour chasers who use drippers or RDA's, you already know you must also carry at the very least some extra cotton, a pair of tweezers and a set of scissors.
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • One of the most annoying things about vaping in the car is the residue that builds up on all the glass surfaces, especially the windshield. Evaporated Vegetable Glycerin builds up extremely thick, and even the heater on full blast wont get rid of the buildup. Make sure to have at least one clean microfiber cloth with you in the car at all times to rub away the fog!
  • Carrying Case
  • Finally, to carry all of these essentials around, it would be good to have a handy carrying case available. You should look for something with many pockets and small enough that it wont be too bulky to carry it around or hide it under your seat in the car. There are even a few bag brands that cater specifically to vapers, like UD or Coilmaster, with special places for everything you need from batteries to scissors!