Ron Woods Starts Vaping

Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood has quit smoking — after 50 years.

The 69-year-old has ditched normal cigarettes for e-cigarettes following the birth of his twin daughters Alice and Gracie last month.

Smoking was one of Wood’s last vices after he quit both drinking and drugs following eight visits to rehab.

He was often seen with a cigarette dangling between his fingers — as in this photo on his Instagram from 2014.


But not everyone is as happy with the news as teetotal wife Sally Humphries, 38.

Hard-living bandmate Keith Richards — on stage with Ronnie in Brazil in the Instagram pic below — has joked that they can no longer be friends.


A source told The Sun newspaper: “Ronnie has been constantly puffing on his vape stick the last week.

“But while Sally is over the moon Keith has been telling everyone he looks ridiculous.

“Keith says giving up fags shows a ‘complete lack of commitment’ which has amused Ronnie no end.”