Isn't this a vaporizer?

The Canadian government has approved a vaping product targeted towards  babies and toddlers.  This product goes directly against the various e-cigarette bills, regulations, and amendments that have been sweeping through Canada, province by province as they attempt to protect the public from personal vaporizers.

The product in question is called:

Pediatric (which means for babies aged 0-18 months) Advanced soothing vapors

This government approved product Vicks Advanced Soothing Vapors Mini Waterless Vaporizer with Nightlight Pediatric

  • Contains and heats up propylene glycol – the same product that is in e-cigarettes and *gasp* antifreeze!
  • Contains menthol flavouring — This is the same menthol flavouring the government in Ontario is regulating out of tobacco cigarettes and e-cigarettes
  • Lights up when it is in use, just like an e-cigarette!
  • Contains and vaporizes flavourings that appeal to children,
  • Produces up to 36 hours of vapor
  • Is marketed and targeted towards our Canadian Children!

Not only has our Canadian government decided NOT to restrict this “potential gateway” product —  There MAY be a link between children using menthol vaporizers and smoking menthol cigarettes as an adult — have the studies been done?  They have also allowed it to be purchased by minors!  A CHILD can purchase this product and begin vaping in their own home.  Our government has approved this device to be used indoors, in an enclosed room, with no ventilation!  What about this second hand vapor people are talking about?

The point is, the regulations the Canadian government is planning to pass (or in some provinces has already passed) do a great deal towards continuing the Nanny State that many Canadian’s are not even aware is happening.  Policing things they have no business doing, with regulations based on their own imaginations and nothing more.

Before the government bans and regulates everything, have a look at our 100% Canadian personal vaporizer (e-cigarette) online store.  Adults only, as we don’t sell or promote to children!  For the last 5 years we have been helping Canadian smokers make a better choice!

The answer is education; because of our government’s IGNORANCE, it has become OUR RESPONSIBILITY to EDUCATE THEM!

We have contacted Proctor and Gamble, the creators of this insidious product for a response.