Candyville Line - Sour Rainbow

I'd love to chat about the good old days when I was a lil' whippersnapper eating all the sour Skittles I could get my sugar-seeking hands on, but that would be a lie. If the truth be told, Sour Skittles entered the candy market in 2000 and I never got to try them until recently as I have a sugar-seeking child who swears that my Sour Rainbow e-liquid smells just like his candies taste.

For me, the best thing about Sour Rainbow is that it isn't as sour tasting as say Sour Patch Kids or the elusive, burn your tongue off Warheads. That is, unless you decide to suck the sour coating off the outside and not eat the candy. But who wants to do that? Weirdo.

Sour Rainbow has a fizzy, bitey undertone and flavour in addition to the fruitness that you can taste on both the inhale and the exhale in this e-liquid.

Which fruits exactly? I don't think I could pick or taste a specific flavor—it's been my understanding that you have to taste the whole rainbow whether eating them or vaping the e-liquid.

Sour Rainbow is addictive and without calories which makes it even more addictive.

Have you tasted the rainbow today?

This is Sour Rainbow.