10 Vaping Accessories You Need!

Regardless of the device you use, there are some everyday essentials that can make your vaping experience smooth and convenient! Here we have come up with the top 10 items our team at VanGo has deemed vital.

  1. Carrying Case

There are often many knick-knacks that come with vaping and having one place to store everything so that they are always in arms reach can make your vaping experience far more efficient. When out and about, you can find everything you need in your day, tucked away safely in your carrying bag and ready if/when they are needed!

  1. Battery Charger

This goes without saying. If you are using a device that requires your batteries to be recharged, having a durable battery charger is a must. You can keep one set charging while another set is in use to ensure you always have operating batteries.

If you're looking to pick one up, check out this Efest Lush Q4 Charger that has 4 bays!

  1. Battery Pack

We have all been guilty of forgetting to charge our devices overnight and being incredibly frustrated when we head out the door with a vape that is not functioning. Having a pare battery pack to charge you up on the go is an awesome option!

  1. Cleaning Gear

Microfiber cloths, brushes, alcohol, and even a vape mat can help eliminate some of the mess! If not, it will help with the cleanup. These handy kits help store everything in one place for easy access!

  1. Coil Building Kit

Coil building kits are great for people using a sub ohm device and even for some pod systems where changing the coil is necessary. They generally come with tweezers, flush cutters, coil rods, and scissors. You can also add an Ohm reader, pliers, screwdrivers and wire if you would like. These little kits are super handy and help keep you tools neat and organized.

  1. Tweezers

Saabir Daya, Operations Manger at VanGo vapes says that, “tweezers are a small but extremely essential accessory for most vapors.” There are a couple different kinds but the most popular are ceramic tweezers, which are non-conductive which will allow you to strum your coils looking for hot spots, as well as needle-tip tweezers which can be used for placing your cotton.

  1. Cotton

Cotton is the middleman for your juice and your heating element. Choosing the right cotton is important. Kendo cotton is 100% organic, unbleached, heat resistant, odorless, low taste retention, easy to wick. It has superior absorption. 2X longer lasting and is Ready to Use. No Boiling Needed. 

Check out the best cotton for any RDA or RDTA by clicking the link right over here: Kendo Cotton Gold Edition!

  1. Vape bands


Vape bands are an excellent little addition to any vaporizer collection. They protect the glass on your tank, and you can make them fun with a variety of different colors and graphics!

  1. Spare parts

With all the items above, it is important to keep spares around. Spare coils, pods, screws, batteries etc. You can buy extra parts unique to each device.

  1. VanGo Vapes’ Legendary Ice Shot

Last but certainly not least, an everyday essential for our entire team is the proprietary cooling agent, ICE SHOT. Add this to any juice to give it an icy kick. Sometimes menthol is not your all day but every now and then you might like a taste. That makes this little guy a fierce addition to your juice family!

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