JUULing: Explained

What is JUULing?

It’s simple really. JUULing is just vaping with any JUUL branded device. JUUL devices are sleek e-cigarettes that resemble USB drives and can be plugged directly into a computer to charge. JUUL pods are the cartridges that click into the top of the device and contain e-liquid. These devices were specifically designed to satisfy smokers who are trying to quit, and as such contain a proprietary salt nic formula that delivers a large hit of nicotine.

You may have heard of JUULing before, most likely in a contentious context. A quick google search will reveal that JUULing has got a lot of people up in arms. These issues stem from a misuse of the product, specifically in relation to teenagers. Underage vaping in schools has become synonymous with JUULing in the eyes of the media, and we totally agree: kids shouldn’t be doing it. That said, JUULing, like all vaping, if used for its intended purpose (to help adults quit smoking) can do a lot of good.  

What Makes a JUUL Device Different?

Despite the controversy surrounding the product, JUUL devices are very popular. Market data reveals that these devices accounted for 33% of e-cigarette sales in 2017. So, what makes them so popular? Perhaps it’s because these devices are quite discreet. Small and flat, JUUL products don’t produce large clouds of vapor like their big box mod counterparts. This is, however, part of the issue surrounding underage vaping, as JUUL products and their use is easy to conceal.  

They are also less powerful than your standard e-cigarette which means they don’t burn as much e-liquid. Box mod vapers might go through several ml of juice a day, while JUUL cartridges only hold 0.7 ml of e-liquid. Another big difference between JUULs and alternative mouth-to-lung devices is that JUUL cartridges are not refillable. The advent of refillable pod devices has had a notable effect on JUUL sales as more or more people opt for refillable devices. Refillables allow vapers to choose from a wide variety of flavors and pair them with the perfect salt nic juice for themselves!  

The last big difference between JUUL and alternatives is that JUUL e-liquids contain benzoic salts, a controversial ingredient found in cigarettes. At VanGo, we decided to go benzoic acid free, to provide our customers with the healthiest e-liquids possible.  

JUUL Alternatives

Though the JUUL certainly made a splash, it’s not the perfect vape either. There is plenty to admire about the product, but there are also some cons to take into consideration. Mainly, JUUL pods aren’t refillable, so keeping a supply on hand can cost a lot cash. The pods are also smaller than those of alternative products, so even though you get a big hit of nicotine with each puff, you’re also limited to 200 puffs per pod — the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes. Finally, a short battery life means you’ll be stuck constantly recharging your JUUL.

There are lots of alternatives to JUUL that offer benefits like refillable pods, longer battery life and your choice of any number of delicious flavors. Here are a few of our favs:

Airis 8 Mod — Sleek and multi-functional, the Airis 8 can be used as a wax or dab pen. Portable with several unique features, this mod is great for on the go.

Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit — An awesome new mod with an innovative twist. A flat radial coil makes for great vapor production and excellent flavor.

Suorin Air — Most similar to the JUUL, this card style, portable device has a higher capacity and battery life then its competitor, but unfortunately (like the JUUL) you can’t change its coils.

Is JUULing Safe?

JUULing gets a bad rap because of its association with underage vaping and schoolyard use. Though e-cigarettes are only legally available for purchase by adults aged 18 and over, teenagers have their ways, and underage vaping is the result. Minors should definitely not be using these products, but that does not mean that the products themselves are dangerous or at fault.  

It’s true, vaping is a relatively new phenomenon, and there is no long-term data about its effects currently available. However, experts agree vaping is considerably less harmful than smoking cigarettes. The American Cancer Society acknowledges that vaping is a healthier alternative to smoking. Public Health England also asserts that vaping is “at least 95% less harmful” than smoking. Considering there’s about 7000 less chemicals in e-liquid than in a standard cigarette, it’s safe to say that vaping is the healthier alternative.  

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