Vaping Answers For Newbies

1.Why does the device always go back automatically to the VW mode from TC mode?
Please make sure that your resistance is correct, otherwise the device will detect itself and will be allowed to be used only in VW mode. You can also try to take out the atomizer and switch to TC mode in room temperature.

2.Why does the device always show “Device too hot” when I press the fire button?
Please let the device cool down for a while. The higher the wattage, the bigger the current, so as the temperature, causing more heat. You can try to use TCR mode and set the TCR value according to your coil’s material. If the value is not correct, the device will detect itself and give a wrong judgment and output.

3.Why does the LED start flashing while using?
It means that you have to charge your battery.
What if the device can’t turn on after charging?
Put a new battery in it then turn on; If the device support upgrade, you can try as follows: 1. Take out the batteries; 2. Plug on the USB to connect to your computer; 3. Open the software on the computer to upgrade.

4.What if the device keeps showing “Check Battery”/ “Low Battery”/ “Weak Battery”?
We suggest you to change to another set of batteries first. It is recommended to use high-rate batteries.
5.Why are my Atomizers/Cartomizers burning with bad taste?
Many times you can ruin a atty or carto by running it dry. Make sure to always keep liquid filled while vaping. You never want to run it dry. It’s been said that you need to refill anytime you feel that you are not getting as much vapor or if the taste isn’t as strong.

6.Why am I not getting as much vapor as normal?
If you notice that you aren’t getting as much vapor, it could be one of the two reasons, although their could be others. One of the reasons for this is you might be over filling your atty/caro with too much liquid. As you gain more experience with electronic cigarettes, you will grasp the concept of when to refill and how much to refill. Another reason you may be getting less vapor than normal could be because you of course need to fill back up with liquid.
7.Can I charge my battery before it starts blinking?
Yes, you can charge the battery at any time. The light does not need to flash before putting it on the charger.

8.Will a higher MG produce a better throat hit?
The higher the nicotine content, the greater the throat hit. It does not mean you will get more vapor. PG will also help with a better throat hit. VG will have less throat hit, but produce better vapor.