An Introduction to VanGo 2018


The snow is still fresh on the ground here in Beautiful Vancouver B.C. and vapers from all over the world are excited about what's in store for VanGo Vapes in 2018!

For one thing, Spring Cleaning 2018 happened early and swept in a slew of improvements, including redesigning and refreshing nearly every aspect of the company!

VanGo Vapes has been in business since 2014 and we have seen so many changes both in the industry as well as in the business and technology world. We are constantly striving to stay ahead: from flavors and labels to lab equipment and software, we are constantly measuring, adapting, and refreshing. 

PLEASE NOTE: We've highlighted a handful of larger changes like Faster Order Handling, flavor updates and changes, and events, and you can find the details in the notes below. Have a look for them. 

Before going on, I would like to take a moment and truly thank you. Without your support, we would not be here today - SO THANKS!

During the last few weeks of the software transition, there were a few orders that were delayed. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you have any outstanding issues, complaints, concerns, please let us know right away and we'll get it all sorted out quickly. Let us formally apologize for any problems encountered. 


VanGo Vapes is bringing a new set of standards for ordering and fulfillment:
* All orders will ship within 24 hours
* Any back orders will be identified on the packing slip, as well, an email will be sent when the package is being shipped out
* Orders in before 12 PM ship the same day when possible



The show returns to ExCeL London for a fourth consecutive year and will consist of one and a half B2B days and one and half B2C days. The fourth instalment of the event, will focus on TPD compliant products, advocacy and legislation.



After an incredible show in Edmonton in April '17, and an outstanding event in Toronto, we're coming back to Western Canada! CVE Edmonton will be held at the Edmonton Expo Centre at Northlands (Hall A). With 50,000+ square feet of exhibitors, products from around the world and more prizes and fun than you can imagine. Join us this April, for CVE Edmonton 2018. 

VANGO BOOTHS #610, 612, 509, 511, 513 -


This year's West Coast Vape Expo will be July 8-9 in beautiful Bremerton WA: Seattle and a short ferry ride! VanGo Vapes is the Premiere sponsor this year and so we are taking out all the stops! Last year's WCVE in Pasco, WA was amazing, and our favorite takeaway was the Aspire Revvo Kits. We fell in love immediately, check them out! The new ARC coils are amazing.


For more info, check out our pal Juicy Jones's video:
Seven Things you Missed about the Revvo Tank!



The CandyVille flavors have been discontinued replaced by 4 new, delicious cutting edge flavors! Sour Belts is still similar to the classic formula, but the new formulas have been brought up-to-date with how we expect our juice to taste these days!

Sour Belts : Exactly like rainbow bacon, sweet and a little tangy
Blueberry Cotton Candy with hints of Strawberry Cotton Candy
Mango Swirls : Sweet and creamy Mango Cream Swirls
Banana Marshmallow Candy : Fluffy Marshmallow with soft Banana


Tobaccoland was split into 2 separate lines, Tobacco Land Cigars and Tobacco Land Pipes. We are also releasinn a new flavor in the pipes line called VCT: Vanilla Custard. It is a rich Vanilla Custard, slightly sweet, with rich earthy Pipe Tobacco notes.


Captain : A moderate cigar, infused with a rich & smokey Chocolate & creamy, sweet Caramel as an after note sensation. 

Deadman : A rich & robust mix of dark cavendish tobacco leaves with a strong, earthy note for the true cigar lover.

Anarchy : The Robust Flavor Blend is Reminiscent of Pipes Being Filled with Rich Cherry Tobaccos

Pirate : Nutty tobaccos steeped in Oak Barrels.   


Spring Vanilla - Aged Virginia Cavendish Tobacco with a layer of sweet vanilla
Previously "Vendetta"
Golden Honey - Virginia tobacco with a hint of Black Cavendish Layered with Honey & Vanilla. Previously "Gold"
Midnight Berries - Light pipe tobacco infused with Wild Berries, Black Current & Blackberries. Previously "Scurvy"
SIlky Smooth - Creamy Virginia Tobacco with a rich, buttery Caramel aftertaste.
Previously "Silk"

The VanGo Classic line has now been discontinued, and replaced with the House of VanGo. We've kept the most popular flavors in there, and we've added some new ones, well a ton of new ones - 35 flavors in all.  

Most of the flavors have had improvements to the recipes, and a fresh new look! Try them out today; the pricing has been updated online as well.

If you still absolutely have to have *one more bottle* of that favorite flavor that we discontinued, shoot us an email! For a limited time, we're offering 120mL bottles of the discontinued stock as a special promotion. Act fast, they won't last!


Coffeeshop has had a trim and is now four flavors, down from six. Sadly, Cinnamon Buns and Chai are no longer available, but don't fret if Apple Fritter is your favorite, it's been updated and moved to the VanGo Bakery Collection!

Here's the new lineup:
* Caramel Macchiato
* Double Double
* French Vanilla
* White Chocolate Mocha

Arriving Q3 2018 Preorder today!

Love that Menthol? Got a cold? Make any juice icy with our Exclusive Cooling Blend, similar to our Famous Frozen Line - Watch out, it's cold!