Smoking is always considered wrong because it ruins your lungs. In modern days, where pleasure is as important as any other committed activity – like work – scientists have developed new techniques to ensure your health safety while at the same time providing you with enjoyable alternatives. The e-cigarette is one such thing, and it is believed that many people use E-cigarettes to cut their tobacco smoking habits, though it is not proved medically yet.

This new way of inhaling nicotine is really useful because the nicotine carriers are different flavored liquids instead of tobacco. You can enjoy an electronic cigarette to its fullest, if you are using quality products, and are protecting your cigarette with good maintenance. Here are few tips to enjoy electronic cigarette to its fullest

Choosing Your Product

There are different e-cigarettes available depending on the price. For beginners, it is not a difficult task to buy quality e-cigarette because they don’t need to spend a lot. Different cigarettes offer different experiences but initially you should keep in mind your budget. You can also explore many products on Groupon.


Minis are cigarette-shaped and are also called “cig-a-likes.” Minis have pre-filled cartridges and are available in both types – rechargeable and disposable. The only limitation of these cigarettes is that these have limited battery life and flavor options.

Advanced Personal Vaporizer

Advanced Personal Vaporizers are also called “vape-pens” and in these vaporizers, the most astonishing thing is that you can control the power level subsequently the amount of vapor that is produced. These Vaporizers can adjust more liquid and have more battery life.


MODs come with customized features and are used by those persons who are experienced. Before using MODs, you should have some idea about the combination of the amount of nicotine you want and how much battery strength will be required for this.

If you are not sure whether you will like e-cigarettes or not, then you can use disposable cigarettes and decide for yourself.

Choosing the Right Liquid

There are two types of e-liquids available which could be utilized in e-cigarettes – propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG).

Propylene Glycol (PG)

It is an odorless and colorless fluid and is good at carrying flavors. It is the most commonly used liquid to suspend flavors and nicotine. It is often claimed that PG gives the same sensation as tobacco.

Vegetable glycerin (VG)

Vegetable Glycerin is vegetable oil extract and has more viscosity than PG. It has a sweet flavor and produces many smooth vapors. Due to its high viscosity, vaping VG can clog coils and decrease the life of atomizers.

You can also use both of these liquids by mixing a proportionate amount of both. It will give you a different experience. For high flavor, increase the amount of PG, and for high vapor, increase the amount of VG.

Trying Different Vaping Styles

The throat hit can give you the feeling of satisfaction because the vapors hit the back of your throat and then go into lungs. You should inhale slowly and let the vapors build up for three to five seconds in the e-cigarette. If you are a smoker, then try a tobacco flavor of the liquid which will give you more satisfaction.

If you are not a former smoker, then try not to inhale. Just keep the vapors for some time in your mouth. The tissues in your mouth will absorb nicotine this way. You can also enhance the experience by exhaling through the nose.

Maintenance of Your Cigarette

If you want to enjoy the experience of e-cigarette at its fullest, then you should care for the cleaning of your cigarette at regular intervals. If you feel, the cigarette is giving a burnt taste, immediately try cleaning the cigarette.

Clean it, but, clean it with care. Make sure not to wet any of the components of the cigarette. Use cotton to swipe areas that you think are clogged, and dip the cotton in Lukewarm water before using it.

Keep the battery of your e-cigarette charged, and try to charge when the battery is almost dead because it increases the lifespan of the battery.

Replace parts of your cigarette that you think aren’t working properly. Batteries usually last more or less 300 charges. If somehow, the liquid comes to your mouth while smoking, it is possible the atomizer coil may have burnt. Try replacing it, or go to a shop and get an expert’s opinion.

Article Written By Frank Lee