Salt Nic Is Now Here At Your Service

Brand New Salt Nic Available

June 28, 2018. Steven Bustrin, H2 Digital.

Edited September 26, 2018.

In a world that’s forever progressing, evolving into a tech-first world where instant gratification rules over all things, we introduce to you our own futuristic product… Salt Nic.

The vape industry seems to keep everyone on their toes throughout the world with regulation updates, new age standards and not to mention the thousands of flavor variations that allows the consumer to pick their preferences. Back in 2014, you could go to your local head shop or gas station and pick up a ghetto device with pre-packaged juice, having a rope as a wick-like cartridge that seldomly ever worked. Remember those days? Only 4 years later we have progressed tremendously as a community and let me tell you, technology has changed!

Along with any business that is doing it right they have to maintain progressing with the future or they will be left in the dust. VanGo being one of the most relevant companies in the industry has stepped up to the plate and are now providing a product for your devices that take pods or some sort of cartridge for your nicotine intake. Having flavors available is revolutionary for the industry and VanGo is pioneering in their own way with having this product available in their own flavors.

Currently, Salt Nic flavors will be released with Frozen Waterberry, Soda Pop, and Tobaccoland VCT. Eventually all of VanGo’s flavors will be available in Salt Nic and if you have a flavor that you would like to see make sure to email us or contact us and let us know.

Make sure that you are vaping appropriately with Salt Nic, obviously it’s a futuristic product that is still being testing for long-term effects but definitely make sure you have the appropriate device or hardware to vape your favorite flavor. When you Google the news about what’s going on in the vape industry you will see a lot of under-aged teens jumping into Salt Nic through devices they buy at the gas station but this is not safe and not helping the vape industry. I see a lot of teens hop on the pod devices and they shouldn’t even be vaping altogether.

That being said I hope you aren’t an under-aged kid reading this and getting all excited about this product to try it out. This isn’t for you! But if you are someone who is of age and making a genuine attempt to quit smoking the pod devices and Salt Nic system is perfect for you. I think with my own journey in the vaping industry I used to want to have the biggest tank and the most juice but then I realized that having a 15ml bottle of salt nicotine is super convenient. I can wake up, have my appropriate device that takes in salt nicotine, and vape without having to worry about juice dripping everywhere or having to replace any coil. Most of my friends ask me if I even vape anymore and when I whip out my USB sized device with my favorite flavor they freak out. I’m telling you salt nicotine is the future of the vape industry and if you haven’t made the switch of no longer guzzling the bank account to keep up with your massive bottles of juice then you’re definitely missing out on a good time.

Not to knock on regular nicotine juice I just think Salt Nic will be where everything is headed if it isn’t already there in the vaping industry. I want to reiterate that Salt Nic shouldn’t be used in your everyday Smok tank with your device and especially don’t use it for your RDA or RTA. Salt Nic is very potent, about a half ounce of juice can last you a month if you’re an average vaper. Also, because it is very potent that just makes the juice even more addictive. So before you head into trying some Salt Nic for the first time consider these things:

  1. Make sure you have the right device. Go to your local vape store and ask for devices that are compatible with adding salt nicotine.
  2. Understand the nicotine strength. If you have to Google and do research, please do. The first time I tried Salt Nic I almost passed out from trying too much in one sitting. You can take in 3 to 4 puffs and be set for a while. This is highly addictive, arguably more addictive than your standard juice.
  3. Do not treat your Salt Nic devices like an RTA or RDA. It’s not a product to alternate how it’s used. Most of the devices have lower ohms and use smaller energy to produce vape (because it’s super potent juice) so make sure to not start taking things apart or you might end up putting yourself in a dangerous situation.

That’s pretty much all that needs to be said about Salt Nic. VanGo Vapes is coming out with some awesome flavors that I’m super excited for and I hope you can join the #VanGoFam and share that enjoyment by flaving your favorite VanGo flavors through Salt Nic juices. If you have any questions on Salt Nic, such as the elements or ingredients in salt nicotine, what new flavors are available or how to appropriately use the potent juice, don't hesitate to contact us!