New Year, New Us!

Same Great Flavours, New Greater... Everything Else!


In 2014 VanGo Vapes was created by three brothers out of a passion for vaping and a belief that we as a group of young professionals have a lot to offer the industry. Over the last couple of years we brought more and more people onto our team and left our previous jobs in fields like business consulting, accounting and chemistry to put our fullest into VanGo Vapes, and because of this we have grown exponentially. We have transformed from a startup into a small business and now an enterprise, and through hard work and dedication to our customers (and many sleepless nights), our team has shown that we are all here for the long run.

However it is not just our team we have to thank and give credit to. Especially in the beginning our suppliers, stores and retail customers gave us opportunities to prove ourselves even though there were other companies that were around longer and had more recognizable names. Without the love and trust we have been shown from the vaping community we probably would not still be in the industry, let alone be where we are today with hundreds of thousands of bottles sold. We proved that through our customer service, quality and great flavours we are not here just for a quick buck but to create waves in the world and help people with a better lifestyle choice.

The chaos that the industry goes through on a weekly basis with companies popping up and closing down left, right and centre, and the possibility of draconian laws against vaping has not deterred us from giving all we have to VanGo Vapes, but has energized us and given us more reason to continue to work hard to develop products that keep our customers happy with us and to do what we can in advocating for our right to choose vaping as a healthy alternative. Through everything, we believe that what we are doing is right and we will continue to do so!

Over the coming months there will be a few changes and we would like you to know of them:

  • All our 60ml and 120ml sized bottles will be sent out in Chubby Gorilla bottles. After much research we believe that these are the best bottles to use.
  • We have started a DIY section on our website. Currently we are distributing different types of bottles, VG, PG, and Nicotine, with more products are to be added soon.
  • All retail orders will be sent out within 1 business day. And we will continue to honor our free shipping on Canadian orders over $50.
  • All bottles we send out will be tamper evident and child resistant.
  • Free samples with every retail order.
  • We will be starting a YouTube channel with videos every week. We are very excited about this, more details to come soon.

In all, 2016 was a great year; we expanded our presence across Canada and around the world, and introduced several juice lines to our collection. 2017 will be a continuation of this along with new surprises to come. Don't worry, we will keep you updated! Follow us on social media, especially Facebook and Instagram

Again, thank you all for your support and love. It goes a long way! 


Saadiq Daya, CEO