How To Become A Daily Vaper

How To Become A Daily Vaper

By Steven Bustrin, H2 Digital

Are you a vape fanatic? Like someone who is vaping all day, every day? I know for myself it’s a little much but I decided to challenge myself and put myself in the shoes of what it would be like to vape all day long. Typically I wouldn’t recommend doing this but lets have some fun with this article and dive into a very practical, fun, and creative way to become a daily vaper.

Let’s live out a dream for a minute. Imagine waking up to your alarm clock at 7:30AM on a Monday, slapping on your favorite VanGo Vapes shirt with some pants and black chucks, feeling super fresh. Getting ready for work isn’t the first thing on your mind but you know that you have to pay the bills so you head into the kitchen to get some energy and whip out some of Mom’s Belgium Waffles. You know waffles don’t taste as good without some Coffee Delight so you pour yourself up a cup of coffee and get ready to head out.

On the way to work you realize that one cup of coffee isn’t enough so you stop by the local shop and get yourself a White Chocolate Mocha because who doesn’t like Mocha? Your coworkers know that you are getting your fix so they hit you up to grab something for them. They all want something different so you order a Caramel Macchiato for your boy Frank, French Vanilla for Sally, and a Double Double for your boss because we all know he needs some of that extra love.

When you get to work, you hand everyone their drinks and put your Fruity Blast snack in the fridge, which is a nice bowl of kiwi, watermelon, blueberries and strawberries. In the fridge you grab your tasty Grape Drink and head on over to your office and begin your work. Work is cool and all, since you work for the best Canadian company with VanGo Vapes and you’re having a good day until it’s time to clock out.

On your way home you stop by the bakery and grab yourself something delicious for dessert, let’s say a Lucious Apple Fritter. When you get home you cook up the grill and make some sweet and savory hot dogs with your favorite soda, Cheeky Cherry Cola. What a better way to eat your dinner watching your favorite baseball team and relax.

Alright, alright, that may not be your average day or maybe it is but what I just did is replaced your daily extras with vape. How cool is that? Each one of the underlined/highlighted titles are actual vape flavors from VanGo Vapes and you can make vaping a part of your everyday lifestyle. All of the flavors described in our little example are flavors that are very applicable and not only can they be part of your life but they can help you replace addictions that you have.

In one of the previous articles we talked about some of the benefits of vaping. And I wanted to branch out on one of the points that can help you. If you are someone who doesn’t pay attention to finances and need help just hear me out. Let’s go through some of the parts of the day that you can not only replace a food item for vape but you can save money:

  • Coffee: The average cup of coffee is anywhere from $5-$6.50. If you have a cup of coffee heading to work Monday through Friday you’re looking at spending around $200 a month (5x$5x4weeks). And in a years time you’re going to be spending around $2,400. That’s pretty intense isn’t it? All for a cup of coffee a day?
  • Soda: You have one 12oz can of soda a day, let’s say only after work, at $1 a day that’s $20 a month and $240 a year.
  • Dessert: If you have one dessert a week, on average spending $10 on a cake or pie you’re spending $40 a month and $480 a year.

Add all of that up and if you are spending money on these things religiously and on these averages you’re looking around $3,120 a year. Now, this article is about becoming a daily vaper through our practical lives so let’s break down the cost if you replace these daily habits. VanGo Vapes has a line out of coffee flavors, soda flavors, and dessert flavors. Let’s say that you go through three bottles of juice a month at a rate of $29.99 taking in at least 60ML of juice each. For example sake we will round up to $30, so with $30 for 3 bottles a month we’re looking at $90 a month and $1,080 a year. Just replacing those three daily habits with vape you’re saving $2,040 a year.

Imagine having a couple extra grand each year in your bank account just giving up coffee, soda, and dessert every day. Not only will you have a healthier life but you will have more money. It’s a win-win situation to consider and if you haven’t already, head on over to the shopping section and check out all of the flavors you can replace your daily habits with.

There you go, you are now a daily vaper and you are happier, healthier, and wealthier. If you like some of the articles that you read or have questions on our posts, subscribe to our newsletter or click on the contact tab and reach out to us. We would love to hear from you!