5 Reasons Why You Should Start Vaping

5 Reasons Why You Should Start Vaping

By Steven Bustrin, H2 Digital

Okay, Okay, Okay… There’s a big debate out there if vaping is even a “good” thing for you. But do you really know all of the information you need to make that claim? Usually when there’s a negative perspective in someone’s life they are looking at things from a distance. In this post we are going to have an inside perspective of 5 reasons why you should start vaping.

1.Vaping does not have a distinct odor.

This may seem a little cheesy but why on earth would you want to have a nasty cigarette smoke smell around all the time? Not only is cigarette smoke bad for you and your lungs but it hangs on to everything else around you, including your baby or your loved one. It’s like dog hair that lays around the house but you can’t clean it out. When you vape not only is there no residue or leftovers harming those around you but the scent of vape is simply amazing. Okay, think of this, would you rather go on your first date with someone who doesn’t smoke and have them enter your car with a sweet cinnamon roll smell or an ashy smoke smell? The answer is obvious, but the most important thing to take away from this point is that vape smell doesn’t cling on to anything. I have thousands of bottles in my office and you can’t even smell anything in my house. Don’t let your ashy ways follow you, switch to vape.

2.Vaping is much cheaper than cigarettes.

If you are a smoker you can relate to this- cigarettes are expensive these days. In 1980, you could buy a good quality pack of cigarettes for $2. By the 90’s cost has risen to $5 and today you can buy a pack anywhere from $18 to $30. Obviously some of the reasons for increase in cost has been because of inflation in the States but that doesn’t take away from vaping. You can find vape juice for a tenth of the cost, just consider your first payment towards devices and setup can cost the most. You’re looking at spending anywhere from $50-$150 on a device with some coils and battery, then juice will cost you anywhere from $20-$50 depending on the amount of liquid you want to buy. The juice you purchase lasts way longer than cigarettes as well so all-in-all you are better off saving some money if you need your nicotine fix.

3.Vaping is much safer.

When you smoke anything you are burning a flame and inhaling that smoke into your lungs. Smoking in general creates a default of being a fire hazard. In fact, cigarettes are the #1 cause of fire-related deaths in the United States and constitute 10% of fire-related deaths globally. Even though there are news articles pertaining to vape batteries exploding in pockets and the long term effects are inadequately tested, vaping is much safer.

4.Vaping has variety.

People don’t get this confused, there’s no other industry out there other than food (candy) that has more variety of flavors for what you are trying to accomplish. No alcohol, no cigarette company, even soda company has more variety of flavors. If you want to experience a key lime pie but are a diabetic, you can still have the taste. If you want to have an ice cold soda but can’t drink carbonated drinks, you can taste that too. I’ve seen some companies in the industry campaign that you can even lose weight by dieting/eating healthy food and vaping your junk food. Now, it’s a little far fetched to dream up of vaping cheetos or some beef broccoli (I love those) but if you are having a hard time giving up sweets you can definitely get the taste in your mouth through vaping and can help you mentally get over the hump.

5.Vaping helps you quit smoking.

Addiction is higher than ever in this Millennial-driven world. Being one I can attest personally that through social media, sugar, nicotine, drinking that we are in a highly addictive “I want it now” world. We have higher depression rates, higher obesity rates not all attesting to addiction but the fact is we are so self-indulging as a community. I can order food to my house, get my personal barber to come to my house, literally giving me no excuse to leave my home and live “life.” The point being, it is really hard to get out of self-indulgence, addiction rules us, if we let it. If you are a smoker you know that there are so many alternatives to help you quit smoking but you still NEED that nicotine fix. What a better way of quitting smoking then to continue doing it. Not literally but through vaping you can accomplish more than you think. Some companies I’ve worked with in the past have even developed their own 12-step process to quitting smoking. And if you don’t believe anything that I have been saying just go to a vape store and ask the guys working how vaping has helped them quit smoking. There are arguments that people who don’t smoke have been vaping but I can assure you there are more people switching to vape and even quitting nicotine fixes altogether through the exposure and experiences of vape.