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Start Vaping Pack - Vladdin

Start Vaping Pack - Vladdin


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You may have heard of vaping before. Maybe you've heard about it in the media. Vaping was invented because scientists were looking for a healthier alternative to smoking.
An e-cigarette or vaping device heats up e-liquid and turns it into vapor which you inhale. E-liquid comes in many different flavors and nicotine strengths all the way to no nicotine at all.
Are you interested in getting started? Grab a pack below get started with your Flaving experience now as each pack has every piece you need to start vaping today!
  • Just pick a flavor and start vaping! Everything you need is in the package; charging cable and a 20 mg flavor from our industry renowned flavor collection!
  • The Vladdin to be more similar to a cigarette's mouth to lung draw. 
Flavors you can choose from:
  • VCT - A rich vanilla custard flavor with hints of earthy, oaky undertones
  • RICH TOBACCO - The perfect blend for someone missing the flavor of analogs. A mild cigarette flavor
  • FROZEN WATERBERRY - Strawberry, watermelon, Kiwi with a good touch of our proprietary cooling blend
  • STRAWBERRY - Just a straight-up delicious strawberry squeezed into a bottle

Check out our sister site for more info. We have set up a little intro to vaping, some FAQ's, myth-busting, and vaping safety. 

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