Apocalypse GEN2 RDA

Apocalypse GEN2 RDA  
All Gold Plated Decks

Introducing Armageddon Manufacturing, creators of the all new sleek and sharp Apocalypse Generation 2 RDA.  


21mm Build Deck
4mm Deep Juice Well
13mm of Total Wire Space Under Clamps
Positive Post is Insulated With a Peak Insulator  
Drip Tip Size Fit Any 12.4mm Drip Tip (common size of all goon tips)
5mm Airflow and Control is Made in a Teardrop Configuration to Give Maximum Customization.
Fatter Drip Tip  
All Gold Plated Decks
Over-Sized Bridge Clamps
Lengthened Screws
Embroidered Felt Pouch