Vaping Dream - International Delights (4 Flavors)

Full collection of the International Delights collection (4 flavors). A rich & creamy collection of different desserty flavors. Creams, desserts, custard notes; this collection has it all. 

Belgian Breakfast (previously Belgian Waffle) - Deliciously s weet Belgian Waffles with Real Canadian Maple Syrup.

Coffee Delight (previously Tiramisu) A rich creamy tone, awakened with a seductive aroma of Espresso that will leave you lingering for more. 

Strawberry Mess (previously Eton Mess) -  Strawberry notes infused with a refreshing sweet Fluffy Meringue mid notes & a finale of Creme Fraiche.

Cheesebake (previously Cheesecake) - Classic New York style cheesecake with hints of delectable vanilla.